.Alaa Amro

Business developer at Business incubator

.Belal almasri

.Dr. Belal Almassri (PhD, MSc, BSc) Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering Dept. at Palesti

.Ghadi Younis - Zakarneh

Associate Professor of Surveying and Geomatics / Geodesy

Abd Alnasser Dana

Marketıng Lecturer

Abdalfatah A M Najjar

Lecturer of Multimedia

Abdelkarim Daud

Professor of Electrical Engineering

Abed Alkareem Asherah

Lecturer Clinical Psychology

Ahmad Awwad

مدرس تكنولوجيا المعلومات في كلية المهن التطبيقية -جامعة بوليتكنك فلسطين

Ahmad Herbawi

Surveying and Geomatics Engineer (مشرف مختبر هندسة المساحة)

Ahmad Qudaimat

Lecturer at Palestine Polytechnic University

Alaa Halawani

Associate professor, College of Information Technology and Computer Engineering

Ali Amro

Lecturer at Electrical Engineering Department

Ali Qudaimat

Lecturer of Mathematics

Ali Ramadan

Business Incubator Manager

Ali Tamimi

Electrical Power Engineer

Aliya adel Abu Zeineh

مدرسة في كلية المهن التطبيقية \ بكالوريوس ادارة اعمال

Amer Abu Hasheesh

Lecture of Mathematics

Amjad Horini

IT Specialist, Lab Supervisor

Aref Nabeel Herbawi

Director, Center of Excellence & Continuing Education

Ashraf odeh

Multimedia Instructor

Ass. Prof. Sharaf Al-Tardeh

Coordinator, applied Biology plant anatomy and physiology

Ayman Sweiti

Assistant professor of physics

Bader Alatawneh

Assistant Professor in Architecture

Baha Wohoush

Electrical Engineering/ Industrial Automation Engineering

Belal Fallah

I earned my PhD in Economics in 2008 from University of Saskatchewan, Canada. Currently, I work as associate professor of Economics at Palestine Polytechnic University, Hebron, Palestine. Between 2018 and 2020, I worked as a director of research at Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute-MAS. My research interests and expertise cover development economics, policy evaluation, labor economics, and conflict economics. During the past years, I published a number of papers in international refereed journals such as Journal of Development Economics, Journal of Economic Geography, Labor Economics, Papers in Regional Science, and Annals of Regional Science, among other journals.

Dana Bakri Jabari

English lecturer at PPU.Teaches English for all specialisations in Collage of applied professions. Studied English language and literature in Hebron University .

Diana Hassouneh ديانا حسونة

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Dina Al-Qudsi

Lecturer, Business Administration

Diya Arafah

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering - Automotive

Diya Muhtaseb

Interior design

Dr. Ahmad Abu Alrub

Assist. Prof. Dr (Department of Accounting and Finance, College of Administrative Sciences and Informatics, Palestine Polytechnic University-PPU, P.O.Box 198 Hebron, Palestine. )

Dr. Fajer Tawayha

Assistant Professor in Architecture

Dr. Mohammad Al-Talahma

Assist. Prof. of Human Anatomy - Chair, Basic Medical Sciences Department

Dr. Mohammed H. Tamimi

Name: Dr. Mohammed Husni Tamimi Contact Information: Email: tamimim@ppu.

Dr. Mohanad S. O. Jaber (MD, Ph.D.)

Assist. Prof. of Forensic Autopsy - Chair, Clinical Medical Sciences Department

Dr. Othman Zalloum

Associate Professor of Physics

Duaa Ghanayem

Instructor - Language and Translation Center

Ehab Iqnaibi

Mechatronics Engineer

Eng. Fidaa Al-Jaafreah

Master Degree in Biomedical and System Engineering / Biomedical Lab Supervisor

Fadi maswadeh

Head of Building and Construction Department

Fadi Salah

Lecturer at architectural and civil engineering department

Fahed H. Salahat

Lecturer at the Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering

Faisal T Khamayseh

Live_DNA:http://livedna.org//970.11840/Department of Computer Systems Engineering

Fawzi Al-Razem

Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Faydi Shabaneh

lecturer civil engineering dept

Feras Zahda

Lecturer, PhD Candidate In Business Administration

Fouad Zaro

Assistant Professor at Electrical Engineering Department

Ghandi Manasra

Associate Professor - Electrical Engineering

Ghassan Omar Shahin

Asst. Prof of Information Systems & E-Learning.(PhD in CS -eLearning, University of Malaya, MBA-IS, Maastricht School of Management, BSc. CS, Intercollege (now University of Nicosia))

Hamza Abu obeid

Electrical Engineer

haret shalalda

مدرس في قسم الكهرباء- دائرة المهن الهندسية - كلية المهن التطبيقية

Hasan Nassar (Alnajajra)

Structural Engineer

Hashem Tamimi

Assistant professor, College of Information Technology and Computer Engineering, Palestine Polytechn

Hazim M.S. Seder

Lecturer at Architectural Engineering Department

Heba Al Aloul

Clinical Biochemistry Lab supervisor

Heba Swaiti

Instructure in applied professions college

Husein Amro

Mechanical engineering lecturer

Hussein Nawaja

حسين نواجعه

Ibrahim Amayreh

Instructor, College of Applied Professions

Ihsan Muhtaseb

English Language Instructor

Ismail Romi

Associate Professor, College of Administrative Sciences and Information Systems, Palestine Polytechnic University, Hebron, Palestine

Iyad Swaiti

Academic & Trainer

Iyad Alhribat

Assistant professor of Mathematics

Iyad Hraini

Data Center and Network Administrator

Iyad zahran

Marketing lecturer

Jasem Tamimi

Assistant Professor, Control System Engineering

Jawad Sughayyer

مسؤول قسم القروض والمنح والمساعدات عمادة شؤون الطلبة

Karim Tahboub

Professor of Mechatronics Engineering

Kawther Al-Shareef

Instructor of Language & Translation Center

Khaldoon Abdeen

Diwan & Public Services Department - Department Director

Khaled Sider

Lab. Supervisor

Khaled Tamizi

Assistant Professor

Khalil . I . Shawamri

Emergency Nurse Specialist (MSN,BSN,CNS)

Luay Shahin

Assistant Professor

Mahdi Atawneh

Web Developer, Computer Center

Maher Al-Jabari

Full Professor of Environmental & Chemical Engineering

Maher Al-Maghalseh

Assistant Professor Renewable Energy Engineering

Mahmoud Al-Saheb

Associate Prof. at College of IT and Computer Engineering

Mahmoud Alhaddad

Professor in Social and Administrative Pharmacy

Mahmoud Alhaddad

Professor in Social and Administrative Pharmacy

Mahmoud Nassar

Ph.D. (Industrial Engineering)

Manal Tamimi

Title: Full Time Instructor 2012 till now Employer: Palestine Po

Mariam Al Hawamdeh

Research and Teaching Assistant

May Hamdan

Assistant Professor of Human Nutrition/ Healthy and Therapeutic Nutrition Program/ Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Maysa Aljuneidi

Language and Translation Center

Maysaa Abu Aishah

سكرتيرة تنفيذية/ مكتب كلية الهندسة

Mohammad Abuhamdieh

Digital Library Manager

Mohammad Jabari

College of IT and Computer Engineering, Lecturer

Mohammed Abu Taha

Lecturer- PPU

Mohammed Aldasht

Assistant Professor of Computer Engineering, College of IT and Computer Engineering, PPU

Mohammed Amayra

Automotive electrical & electronics Lab supervisor


Lecturer at Mechanical Engineering Department

Mohammed O. Al-Qaisi

Electronics & MicroController Lab Supervisor

Momen Shehadeh

Supervisor of occupational therapy laboratories and hospital trainings

Monjed H. Samuh

Associate Professor of Statistics, Department of Applied Mathematics and Physics, PPU

Mousa Alrefaya موسى ارفاعية

Lecturer at the College of Information Technology and computer Eng

Mousa Farajallah

Department Head

Ms. Duaa' Al-Muhtaseb

English instructor (Department of Language & Translation)

Muhammad A. Alfakhori

Surveying Lecturer

Murad Abusubaih

Associate Professor of Telecommunication Networks

Mutaz Jawadeh

Advance communication Laboratory Supervisor

Nabil Al-Joulani

Full Professor of Civil & Geo-Environmental Engineering

Nabil Arman

Professor of Computer Science

Nassim Iqteit

Assistant Professor in Electrical Engineering

Nesreen ALqaissi, PhD.

Assistant Professor Adult Nursing

Nidal Aburajab

Master degree: Geographic Information System. Bachelor:Surveying and Geomatics Engineering.

Osama W. Ata

Professor of Telecommunications Engineering

Raed Shammas

College of Applied Professions Lecturer in the Department of Computer and Information Technology

Rafat Juneide

ولد المهندس رأفت كريم الجنيدي في مدينه القدس، التحق بمدرسة الحسين بن علي الثانوية حيث حصل شهادة الثانويه العامه منها

Rami Al Daraweesh

Lecturer, Technopreneurship Adviser and Informatics Consultant at Palestine Polytechnic University

Rami Misk

MD, college of medicine and health sciences

Rana Zahdeh

Assistant Professor at Palestine Polytechnic University

Rasha Ghunaim

Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Chemistry and Biology, PPU

Rawan Haddad

Instructor of English Language

Razan Awawdeh

Holds a Master of International Cooperation and Development and a certified Passport To Success “PTS” trainer by the International Youth Foundation (IYF). Works as the Director of the Planning and Development Department at PPU with the main responsibilities of developing projects and fundraising. With the experience of more than 17 years in the development and project management field.

Safa Ibrahim Adi

Instructor at College of Applied Professions

Salamah Alwahsh, PhD

Assistant Professor in Cytology and Histology


Assistant Professor in Electrical Engineering

Sameer Hanna Khader

Full Professor of Electrical Engineering at Palestine Polytechnic University

Sameera Abu Ghalyoun

Now-Lecturer at Palestine Polytechnic University/College of Applied Professions /Computer and Inform

Sami Abu Snaineh

Assistant professor, College of Information Technology and Computer Engineering, Palestine Polytechn

Shadi Atawneh

Microsoft® Certified Technology Specialist

Shehda A. M. Zahda

Biomedical Eng / Lab supervisor

Suzan Sultan

lecturer in College of Information Technology and Computer Engineering Palestine Polytechnic Univ

Tagreed Odeh Al Tamimi

Language and Translation Center

thar abu qobaitah

عضو هيئة تدريس ، مخرج أفلام ومصمم جرافيك ، خبير في الرسوم المتحركة

wafi makamreh

فاحص مركبات -مركز فحص المركبات

Yaqoub Ashhab

Associate Professor of molecular biology and bioinformatics

Yaseen Qawasmi

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Yazan Nazer

موظف امن

Yousef Rabae

Lecturer at the The Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering Department

Yousef Sweiti

Assistant Professor - Mechanical Engineering

Zuheir Wazwaz

Lecturer at Mechanical Engineerin