Omar Adam

Omar Adam

Administrative Employee

Throughout my life, I have consistently blended my academic pursuits, professional achievements, and entrepreneurial spirit to meticulously craft a promising future. My educational journey is marked by the attainment of a Master degree in Business Management, a testament to my unwavering dedication to academic excellence.

My professional career commenced as a Sales Officer at PALTEL Group, then as a Project Coordinator at Palestine Polytechnic   University. Presently, I proudly serve as an Administrative Employee at the Quality Department of Palestine Polytechnic University, a position entrusted with the crucial mission of upholding and surpassing the university high standards of quality.

Looking ahead, my future aspirations are twofold. Firstly, I am committed to completing a P.h.D, a pursuit that encapsulates my dedication to continuous academic growth. Secondly, I envision venturing into the entrepreneurial realm, where my innovative thinking.


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