Mahmoud M. Nassar

Mahmoud M. Nassar

Ph.D. (Industrial Engineering)



  • Nassar, M.M.A., Alzebdeh, K., Munam, A., Al-Hinai, N., Pervez, T., Al-Jahwari, F.(2020). Preparation of High-Performance Fiber from Natural Fiber (Date Palm). World Intellect. Prop. Organ. (WIPO), WO2020139088A1 122. Available from:

Book Chapters


  • Alzebdeh, K.I., Nassar, M.M.A. (2021). Polymer Blend Natural Fiber Based Composites, in: Fiber Reinforced Composites Constituents, Compatibility, Perspectives, and Applications. Woodhead Publishing Series in Composites Science and Engineering, pp. 214238.
  • Alzebdeh, K., Nassar, M.M.A., Al-hinai, N., Arunachalam, R., & Al-rawahi, H. (2020). Assessment of Induced-Delamination of Drilled Date Palm Fronds Polypropylene Bio-Composites. Key Engineering Materials, 845, 38.

Journal Papers

Review  Articles:


  • Nassar, M.M.A., Alzebdeh, K., Al-Hinai, N., Pervez, T., Munam, A. (2021). Progress and Challenges in Sustainability, Compatibility, and Production of Biocomposites: A State-of-Art Review. J Appl Polym Sci.
  • Nassar, M.M.A., Arunachalam, R. & Alzebdeh, K.I. (2017). Machinability of natural fiber reinforced composites: a review. Int J Adv Manuf Technol 88, 29853004.

Research Articles:

  • Abed, R.M.M., Muthukrishnan, T., Nassar, M.M.A., Al Battashi, Huda., and Alzebdeh, Khalid I. (2022) Degradation of newly developed date palm agro-residues-filled polyethylene biocomposites in the planktonic and benthic zones of a marine environment. Biomass Conv. Bioref. (2022).
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  • Nassar, M.M.A., & Sider, I. (2021). Evaluation of Novel Compatibility Strategies for Improving the Performance of Recycled Low-Density Polyethylene Based Biocomposites. Polymers (Basel), 13(20), 3486.
  • Sider, I., & Nassar, M.M.A. (2021). Chemical Treatment of Bio-Derived Industrial Waste Filled Recycled Low-Density Polyethylene: A Comparative Evaluation. Polymers (Basel), 13(16), 2682
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