Faisal T Khamayseh

Faisal T Khamayseh

Live_DNA:http://livedna.org//970.11840/Department of Computer Systems Engineering

Faisal Khamayseh, PhD

Computer Science Associate-Professor. Received BSc in Computer Information – Advanced Computer Careers, from Southern Illinois University, USA 1992.

Recieved MSc in Computer Science from Southern Illinois University, USA in 1995. 

Recieved PhD in Computers and Information Systems from the College of Computers and Information, Helwan University, Egypt, in 2009.

Currently working at Palestine Polytechnic University as instructor and head of Dept. of Computer Engineering, instructor of MSc in Informatics and instructor of the  PhD in Engineering Information Technology.

Research: Software engineering research group at college of Information Technology and Computer Engineering.

                   Interested in Computer Algorithms, Software Engineering and E-learning.