Dr. Fajer Tawayha

Dr. Fajer Tawayha

Assistant Professor in Architecture

Dr. Fajer Al Tawayha


Fajer Al Tawayha

Head of Architectural Engineering Department

College of Engineering 
Palestine Polytechnic University 
Telefax: +972 (0) 22233050
Wad El Harya, P.O. Box 198 
Room: B+ 309
Email: ftawayha@ppu.edu

BSc degree in Architectural Engineering from An Najah National University, Nablus, Palestine. works in design and consulting for one year before starting Master study in Architectural design at An Najah National University in the field of sustainability, cultural and religious aspects.


Started in 2009 the academic work as a teaching assistant job, after finishing MSc, then started working as a lecturer at the Civil and Architectural Engineering department lecturing in many courses such as Architectural design, Working drawings, Descriptive geometry, Graduation projects, etc....


ERASMUS MUNDUS scholarship to study his Ph.D. in sustainable design at the international program of sustainable built environment in 2014, University of Minho, Portugal. 

Research interests

 - Sustainable built environment 

- Vernacular Architecture

- Residential buildings

- Sociocultural Values