Suzan Sultan

Suzan Sultan

lecturer in College of Information Technology and Computer Engineering Palestine Polytechnic Univ

Suzanne J. Sultan Al Tamimi


  • M.Sc. In Computer science, Al-Quds University, Jerusalem, Palestine,2005

      Thesis title:"3D Environment Based on Desktop Metaphor: A Usability Study", Supervisor: Dr. Ghassan Al-Qaimari.

  • B.Sc. in computerized information Systems, Al-quads Open University, Hebron, Palestine ,1999.


•  3D BIBLIOTHECA versus 2D Microsoft Window Desktop : The Effect of Spatial Memory on User Performance.

Suzanne J.  Sultan , Ghassan  Al-Qamairi

 2nd Palestinian International Conference on Computer and information Technology, (PICCIT), 1-3 Sept., 2007

Future Research :

Title:  user performance while using different 3D Desktop Metaphors

 Description: This research compares between 3D perspective interface and 3D real interface in order to examine the effect of navigation and teleportation on the user performance while dealing with different document densities.