Dr. Mohammad Al-Talahma, PhD

Dr. Mohammad Al-Talahma, PhD

Assist. Prof. of Human Anatomy - Chair, Basic Medical Sciences Department

Meet Dr. Talahma, (CV).

Dr. Mohammad Al-Talahma, PhD. (Assistant Professor of Human Anatomy)

We are proud to introduce Dr. Mohammad Al-Talahma, an esteemed member of our College of Medicine and Health Sciences, Palestine Polytechnic University. Dr. Al-Talahma is a passionate and dedicated academic whose journey has been marked by a profound commitment to advancing anatomical knowledge and nurturing the next generation of medical professionals.

Academic Excellence

Dr. Al-Talahma holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Human Anatomy from Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty, Istanbul University. His academic journey began with a curiosity driven exploration of the intricate complexities of the human body. Over the years, he has become a recognized authority in clinical human anatomy and neuroanatomy, delving into the intricate structures of the human body, nervous system and contributing significantly to our understanding of its clinical significance.

Commitment to Education

Since September 2019, Dr. Al-Talahma has served as an Assistant Professor of Human Anatomy, actively part of shaping the academic landscape and curriculum of our institution. His dedication extends to the Chair of Basic Medical Sciences, where he has played a pivotal role in advancing our educational mission. In the classroom, he is known for his innovative and multimedia driven teaching methods, which captivate students and enhance their comprehension.

Dr. Al-Talahma brings more than a decade of teaching experience to our university, with expertise in clinical anatomy and neuroanatomy. His practical skills as a prim embalmer, plastinator, and microscopic dissector have enriched the anatomical research. He is a project management expert, a proficient research planner, and a skilled communicator.

International Engagement

Beyond our campus, Dr. Al-Talahma actively engages with the global anatomical community. He is a member of prestigious anatomical societies and associations, including the American Association of Clinical Anatomists, Turkish Society of Anatomy and Clinical Anatomy, International Society for Plastination, and Anatomical Society of Southern Africa. His participation in scientific congresses, symposiums, and workshops across multiple continents has allowed him to share his expertise and collaborate with colleagues from diverse backgrounds.

Advancing Healthcare

In addition to his academic pursuits, Dr. Al-Talahma has had the privilege of delivering specialized cadaveric anatomy training courses in collaboration with various esteemed societies and associations. These courses encompass a wide array of medical fields, including neurosurgery, such as the Spinal Injections Cadaveric Hands-on Course, Neck Dissection Course, and Hands-on Spine Dissection Course, as well as anesthesia, where he offers training in local anesthesia for pediatrics and adults through cadaver-based instruction. Furthermore, his expertise extends to otolaryngology, featuring Temporal Bone Dissection training courses, plastic surgery, including an Interventional Anatomy Courses on Cadaver for High-Quality Botulinum Toxin Injection in Spasticity, dentistry, covering mandibula and maxilla, as well as oral cavity dissection training courses, Dr. Al-Talahma's dedicated efforts in this regard continue to significantly contribute to the professional development of medical and healthcare practitioners.

In summary, Dr. Mohammad Al-Talahma's academic and professional journey is a testament to his unwavering commitment to the intricacies of human anatomy, his dedication to shaping the future of medical education, and his global perspective on anatomical research.