Mohammad Jabari

Mohammad Jabari

College of IT and Computer Engineering, Lecturer

Mohammed Jabari, BSc Eng MSc Internet and Distributed Systems

College of IT and Computer Engineering, Lecturer.

Email: jabary980 (at) ppu (dot) edu

Office: C-300 (Wadi Alhareya campus)


Courses Taught:

  • Object Oriented Programming using Java

  • Web Technologies ( Community Based Learning course )

  • Mobile Applications Development using Android

  • Computer Architecture and Organization

  • Database Programming

  • Computer Programming

  • Introduction to Computers

  • Operating Systems




A solid experience in the following: Java, C/C++, Web Services, Android Mobile App Development, and Web Applications (front-end and back-end)



Seven years of experience in teaching at the College of IT and Computer Engineering at the PPU.



  • Distributed Systems: P2P Systems and Web Services

  • Using web services as a discovery mechanism for P2P file sharing systems.

  • Using Video games for teaching object oriented programming concepts; “Red Alert” was used as the case of study.

  • Using Mobile Systems for detecting human mood/ emotions


  • Full Master Scholarship at Durham University: Durham Palestine Educational Trust
  • World Summit Awards: Best Mobile App in Palestine, first place
  • Welfare Association Scholarship: Research Schoraship at Darmstadt University