Monjed H. Samuh

Monjed H. Samuh

Associate Professor of Statistics, Department of Applied Mathematics and Physics, PPU

Monjed H. Samuh

Dr. Samuh is an Associate Professor of Statistics in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Physics at Palestine Polytechnic University (PPU).

Dr. Samuh got his Ph.D. from the Department of Statistical Sciences at the University of Padua, Italy - under the supervision of both Professor Fortunato Pesarin and Professor Friedrich Leisch (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences - Vienna) in 2012. Before that, in 2006 he acquired his M.Sc. in Statistics from the Department of Statistics at Yarmouk University, Jordan - under the supervision of Professor Mohammad Fraiwan Al-Saleh. And his B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics from the Department of Mathematics at PPU - Palestine in 2002.

His research interests include Permutation Testing, Sampling Theory, and Distribution Theory.



Ph.D. Statistics 2009 – 2011

Padova University Padova-Italy
Supervisor: Prof. Fortunato Pesarin
Co-supervisor: Prof. Friedrich Leisch
Thesis: Some Advances in Permutation Testing


M.Sc. Statistics 2003 – 2005

Yarmouk University Irbid-Jordan
Supervisor: Prof. Mohammad Fraiwan Al-Saleh
Thesis: On Multistage Ranked Set Sampling with Application to Distribution and Median Estimation


B.Sc. Applied Mathematics 1998 – 2002

Palestine Polytechnic University Hebron-Palestine
Supervisor: Prof. Ibrahim Al-Masri
Seminar: Hilbert Spaces



Samuh M. H. and Pesarin F. (Sep. 2016), Applications of Power Functions of Permutation Testing, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing.

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