Jasem Tamimi

Jasem Tamimi

Assistant Professor, Control System Engineering

Analysis of Electrical Circuits

Course Description

Circuit variables, balancing power, voltage and current, the ideal basic circuit element, power and energy, voltage and current sources, electrical resistance (Ohm’s law), Kirchhoff’s laws, resistors in series, resistors in parallel, the voltage-divider and current-divider circuits,  measuring voltage and current, delta-to-wye equivalent circuits, node-voltage and mesh-current methods, source transformation, Thévenin and Norton equivalents, maximum power transfer, superposition. The inductor and capacitor and their series-parallel combinations. The natural and step responses of an RL and RC circuits, sinusoidal steady-state analysis, sinusoidal steady-state power calculations, balanced three-phase circuits.


Nilsson, J., and Riedel, S. Electric Circuits. Prentice Hall, 10th Ed., 2015

Lecture Time and Location:

Monday and Wednesday 08:00-09:15. Wad Elharye B316

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