Ghannam Aljabari

Ghannam Aljabari


1. Ghannam Aljabari, Prof. Dr. Evren Eren 
Virtualization of Wireless LAN Infrastructures 
The 6th IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Data Acquisition and Advanced Computing Systems (IDAACS), Prague, 2011. Paper

2. Ghannam Aljabari, Prof. Dr. Evren Eren
Virtual WLAN : Extension of Wireless Networking into Virtualized Environments
International Journal of Computing, Vol. 10, Issue 4, 2011. Paper

3. Ghannam Aljabari, Dr. Hashem Tamimi
Server Load Prediction Based on Dynamic Neural Networks
Students Innovation Conference,  Palestine Polytechnic University, 2012. Paper | Poster

4. Ghannam Aljabari
Virtualization of IT Infrastructure for Small and Medium Businesses 
The 2nd IEEE International Conference on Communications and Information Technology (ICCIT), Tunisia, 2012. Paper

5. Ghannam Aljabari
The Impact of Using Multimedia in Teaching and Learning Computer Numbering Systems
The 1st National Conference in Teaching and Learning, Palestine Polytechnic University, 2014. Abstract | Action research

6. Ghannam Aljabari
Integrating VoIP Systems with The Internet of Things
The 4th Palestinian International Conference on Computer and Information Technology (PICCIT), Palestine Polytechnic University, 2015. Paper 

7. Ghannam Aljabari
The effect of employing Google Apps for Education on instructional process at Palestine Polytechnic University
The 2nd International Conference for Learning and Teaching in the Digital World - Smart Learning, An-Najah National University, 2017