Sameer Hanna Khader

Sameer Hanna Khader

Full Professor of Electrical Engineering at Palestine Polytechnic University




This chapter describes single phase alternating current supply where a general review is conducted followed by the circuit elements behaviors in AC circuit. Complex number method is applied for processing the circuit impedance, current and phasors. Applying different load connections and observing the behaviors of circuit current and phase angle. Based on obtained results the electrical power and complex power is processed, then studying the methods for correcting the power factor and selecting one of them. Understanding the concept of electrical energy and applying cost analysis for the cost of consumed energy. Matlab code is built for solving problem examples and the results are described and followed out. From the overall description despite the importance and widespread applications of single phase sources they have serious advantages such as limiting loading capacity, capability, trust and less efficiency comparing with three-phase supply sources. 


Keywords: AC source, Complex analysis, Power, Power Factor, Energy.

 1: Corresponding Author.