Mousa Alrefaya


The former head of the Information Technology Deparmtent

College of Information Technology and Computer Engineering

Palestine Polytechnice University


Professional Experience

Professional Profile:
Several years of experience in providing reliable various business and consultation services to the private, governmental and not-for-profit organizations in the Palestinian and Jordanian market. Strong and wide networks with local companies, institutions, and the various governmental institutions, such as local Agri-food businesses, universities, unions, medical institutions and local governmental institutions. Management support, technical assistance, facilitating and monitoring of project implementation.

Excellent experience in European grant and subsidies projects such as: PSI, UKaid, French grants, USAID..

Professional Experience:

Feb. 2012 – Present: Senior Consultant, Manager,The Excellence Company for Business Services and consultation. 

Some Projects:

1- Alsarsour Co. for Vegetables and Fruits (Farms and Trading), Hebron, Palestine.
Abu Jabbal for vegetables and Fruits (Farms, Freezing and Trading), Joulan.
Alsarsour Co. and Abu Jabal are the main providers for fruits and vegetables into the Palestinian market. Alsasour Co. Is in partnership with many small and medium sized farms in the west bank which produce several types of vegetables.

2) Alqasrawi Industrial and Trading company specialized in manufacturing and producing various types of chips; Potato chips, cereal chips, Puffed corn, puffed wheat and beverages., Hebron, Palestine:
Alqasrawi is the biggest manufacturer for snacks and pellets from potato and cereals in the West Bank and Jordan. Alqasrawi is establishing pellets manufacture (in partnership with an Italian company FENItlia).

3) Alharam Company for plastic production: producing dairy products packages.

4) Alhaddad Company for steels and Iron,  Palestine. The first Smelting Plant in Palestine. 

 -  Strabla Company for smelting and steel machines, Italy.

5) Four Power International Trading Company: stones and marble, stone manufacture tools.

6) Shas Target Company, USA: Transportation and Petroleum products, developing a business plan for investing in USA. Investment Budget: 2M US Dollar.

7) AbuZeineh Co. for Consturctions, the main consturction comapny in Hebron. 

8) The Clinic of Palestine for Radiology. 

- Plastic Industry Union: Business services, developing business solutions, marketing strategies and plans.
- The Ministry of Transportation: I was involved with Advance Counsulting team in the ORIO project for developing and improving the transportation sector in Palestine.

Our consultation services:
- Developing the feasibility study for establishing a new and pioneer vegetables and fruits freezer in Hebron, the biggest in Palestine. Including developing the marketing plan, specifying the required technology and skills as well as preparing a cooperation plan with universities for training the staff.
-Involved along with European Consultation team in preparation of the PSI application and coordinate between the partners. Following the project progress and partners.

- Stratigic planning, national and interantional marketing, partner matching, IT plan.

- Help and advice how to implement the project within the framework of the Decision and project plan. Assistance in preparing a detailed work plan for project implementation.
- Participation in meetings and discussions regarding design of the project, strategy and other issues related to project implementation.

- Developing a business and marketing plan for producing new products that meet middlle east market and the European standards. 


 2008 –  2011: Consultant
EMEA Trade sprl, Business Services, Belgium: EMEA sprl is a lead for partner matching, discovering new markets, providing services for companies from Middle East and Europe.