Mahmoud Al-Saheb

Mahmoud Al-Saheb

Mahmoud Al-Saheb


Al-Hussen Secondary School, Scientific Stream, Tawjihi, 1978

King Abdul-Aziz University, B.Eng. in Computer Engineering, 1983

Syracuse University, N.Y. USA, M.Sc. In Computer Science, 1988

Polytechnic of Bucharest, Ph.D. In Computer Science, 1998



Palestine Polytechnic University (PPU): Hebron, West Bank, Palestine

September 2015 – Till now

   Associate Prof. at PPU

September 2014 – September 2015

   Visiting Prof at College of Engineering and IT, AAUJ

September 2012 – Sep 2014

   Dean of Information Technology and Computer Engineering College, and

   Associate Prof. at IT Department and Graduated studies

September 2008 – September 2012

   Director of Quality Assurance Unit at PPU

September 2004 – September 2008

   Dean of Administrative Sciences and Informatics College

June 2003 – September 2004

   Assistant Prof. at Information Technology Department

October 2001 – June 2000:

  Head of the Information Technology Department

October 1999 - 2001:

  Assistant Prof.  at the Administrative Sciences and Informatics College

October 1998 – 1999:

  Head of the Administrative Sciences and Informatics Department.

1991 – 1997:

   Full-Time lecturer, Department of Computer Engineering and Information systems.

1989 – 1991:

   Head of the Computer Engineering and Information Systems Department.

1985 – 1986:

   Head of the Computer Department.

1983 – 1985:

   Full-Time lecturer, Computer Department.


For undergraduate students, I have taught the following subjects: Data Structures, DBMS, Software Engineering, Information Retrieval, Software Testing, Systems Programming, Programming Languages, Algorithms Design and Analysis, and Operating Systems.

For Graduate students, I have taught Advanced Software Engineering, Advanced Database Systems and Business Process Modeling (BPM.)

Part time

  1. Many courses at QOU
  2. Business process management and BPMN2 in the Summer School 2011 at BZU
  3. Advanced Database Management Systems 2011 at BZU

 I have participated in many activities and committees; including:

  • Co-Founder and Head of COB of Trusted Systems Comp.
  • Member of the AQAC board  for 6 years.
  • Member of the e-content committee within the Belgium e-learning project.
  • Participating in training the External Evaluators Workshops working AQAC for scientific and literature university programs, 2011
  • Leading Quality Assurance work package for e_Gov tempus project, Coordinated by BZU,
  • Participated in the first PFDP National Roundtable Seminar titled “History and Development of World Universities and Higher Education Systems” from September 23-24, 2011 in Ramallah.
  • Presenter in the third roundtable PFDP seminar titled "Strategic Planning in Higher Education", November 18-19, 2011, Jericho.
  • Member of the IT programs evaluation team in MOHE.
  • Member of  The International Arab Journal of Information Technology (IAJIT) editorial board
  • Member of three important committees at PPU: Quality Assurance, e-Learning, and Scientific Research.
  • Director of "PPU Self Assessment and Strategic Planning", Grant No. 01/2005-004 WB- C
  • Participation in RUFO study and training tour (12-24/3/2006), Spain and France
  • Participating in RUFO workshops and activities. (Started Nov 2006) as PPU correspondent.
  • Member of Quality assurance committee for RUFO eLearning Courses.
  • Participating in the PEI workshops and activities (started Oct 2006).
  • Participating in Quality Assurance and Institutional Self-Evaluation Project "QUAITE M011B04 –PS"
  • Participating in the "Quality in Higher Education: From Assurance to Enhancement" seminar from 28/9-11/10.2004 in UK.
  • Representing the university in the “Assessing the Quality and Impact of Academic Programs in Arab universities”, which is a UNDP Project. This includes: attending many workshops in Jordan and Tunis, preparing the Self Evaluation Document for this project, and working as External Reviewer for two programs in Jordan University and al-Zarqa private university with two international experts from QAA.
  • Developing the Academic Curriculum of the Graphics and Multimedia Program.
  • Representing the college in different meetings regarding the development of the community college programs, and the Information technology in Palestine.
  • Developing the Academic Curriculum of the two years “Office Automation Program”.
  • Participating in developing the Academic Curriculum of the two years “Software and Databases”.


  • EU-SOUTHERN MEDITERIAN SEMINAR on Recognition of Credits and Qualifications, Brussels, 1-2 June 2015.
  • Gap Between ICT Industry needs and Graduate Qualification, AAUJ, May 20, 2015.
  • Dia Abu Zenah, Mahmoud H. Saheb,  “وسم النصوص العربية بشكل آلي ودورها في معالجة اللغة العربية آليا”, The 3rd Palestinian Symposium on Computational Linguistics and Arabic Content (iArabic’2014),
  • Dia Abu Zenah, Mahmoud H. Saheb, “A Novel Approach to Capture The Common Syntactical Rules for The Holy Quran”, PID034, NOORIC’2013
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  • Zein Abed, M. Al-Saheb, M. Jalud, “The relationship between the implementation of the coming Palestinian Electronic Government and the performance according to the view of the official general managers.” مؤتمر الاتجاهات والمداخل الادارية المعاصرة في المنظمات الفلسطينية والعربية, Palestine-Hebron 2-3/12/2008.
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  • Al-Saheb M. “Software Testing Of Business Applications”, Third Computer Conference, Palestine Polytechnic Institute, 1988.
  • Al-Saheb M. “Arabic Data Entry Forms”, First Computer Conference, Alquds University, 1985.


Technical Publications

  • M. H. Saheb, "Information Systems Integration", PPU, 2014
  • M. Al Subu, M.H. Saheb, Walid deeb,  "Guide for the Promotion and Implementation of Quality Culture in Arab Universities"," تعزيز ثقافة الجودة وممارستها في الجامعات العربية ", Tempus Altair project, 2011,,
  • M. H. Saheb, "PPU Information Security Policy", PPU, 2010
  • L. Arafeh, M. AL-Saheb, H. Elaydi, H. Abdul Nour, "Information Technology And Electrical Engineering Benchmarks Document", First edition, UNESCO Funded Project, December 2007
  • H. Badr, M.H. Saheb, H. Al- Aedi, A. Yahya, "Information Technology Programs at Palestinian Universities General Evaluation Report"



  1. A Neuro-Computational Model of DAT1 and COMT Contributions to Learning from Positive and Negative Feedback, PPU, 2016
  2. Automatic Coding for Business Applications Using ER-models and BPM, PPU, 2016
  3. Time Analysis for BPM, PPU, PPU, 2014
  4. Searching in Large DNA Database Sequences, PPU, 2011
  5. e-Government, QU-Abudees, 2010


  • Business Process and Decision Modeling Certificate, From Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) for Software Systems Engineering.

  • Business Process Modeling and Analysis Certificate, From Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) for Software Systems Engineering. The HPI is affiliated with the University of Potsdam and offers a practical and engineering oriented study program in IT-Systems Engineering.

  • Using many programs for BPM and BPMN2 as  visio2010, BizAgi and Bonita
  • Consultancy for Quality Assurance for many projects
  • Supervisor for many software graduation projects.
  • Heading the team responsible for computerizing the Admission and Registration Department. (Analyzing, Designing, and Implementation Using ACCESS and SQL Servers).
  • Heading the team responsible for Information Systems Integration.
  • Heading the team responsible for Information Security Policy.
  • Designing and programming many commercial software systems for the local market, as University RegSystems, School Management, and Medical Laps.
  • Professional experience in using many programming languages and Database Management Systems as: JDeveloper 11g, Oracle, MS-SQL Servers, ACCESS, Visual Basic, C, Prolog.
  • Consultant for many large-scale projects.


Fields of Interest

  • Database Systems
  • Software Engineering
  • Bioinformatics
  • Database and Web Security
  • Quality in Higher Education and eLearning