Hani Salah

Dr. Hani Salah

Since September 2016 I work as assistant professor of computer science at Palestine Polytechnic University (Hebron, Palestine).

Previously, I worked as R&D employee at the TU Darmstadt (Darmstadt, Germany) and flexOptix GmbH (Dietzenbach, Germany) for 17 months (till August 2016). Before that, I worked as research assistant at TU Darmstadt for four years, and as lecturer and technical assistant at Palestine Polytechnic University for about 5.5 years in total. 

I obtained a PhD degree in computer science from TU Darmstadt in 2015, specialized in  measurements, performance, and security of large-scale distributed systems, under supervision of Prof. Dr. Thorsten Strufe. Before that, I obtained a Master of Science degree in Internetworking from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Sweden and a Bachelor degree in Computer Systems Engineering from Palestine Polytechnic University.

I acted as reviewer / TPC member for: SIOT 2017, IEEE IC2E 2017, CCC 2016, ACNS 2016, LCN 2015, CNS 2014, COMCOM 2014, WWW 2013, HotPost 2013, WoWMoM 2013, Ad­vances in Com­put­er Com­mu­ni­ca­tions and Net­works.

My current research interests lie in the areas of large scale (dynamic) distributed systems and future Internet architectures with emphasis on their performance, security, and monitoring (with privacy preservation).   


Postal address:

College of Information Technology and Computer Engineering 
Palestine Polytechnic University 
Wad El Harya Campus, P.O. Box 198 
Room: C-303.

Telefax: +972 (0) 22233050
Email: hani (at) ppu (dot) edu


Teaching (2016 / 2017)

  • Cloud computing (graduate, undergraduate)
  • Network programming (undergraduate)
  • Computer programming (undergraduate)
  • Computer networks (undergraduate)
  • Methods of scientific research (undergraduate)



  • Full PhD schol­ar­ship: DAAD (Ger­man Aca­dem­ic Ex­change Ser­vice), 2010 - 2015
  • Best stu­dent paper award: 19th IEEE Sym­po­sium on Com­put­ers and Com­mu­ni­ca­tions (ISCC), 2014, Madeira, Por­tu­gal.


Selected pub­li­ca­tions (in chronological order)

  • T. Paul, N. Lochschmidt, H.​ Salah, A. Datta, and T. Strufe: Lilliput: A Storage Service for Lightweight Peer-to-Peer Online Social Networks, in IEEE ICCCN 2017, Vancouver, Canada.
  • H.​ Salah and T. Strufe: Evaluating and Mitigating a Collusive Version of the Interest Flooding Attack in NDN, in IEEE ISCC 2016, Messina, Italy.
  • S. Roos, H.​ Salah, and T. Strufe: On the Routing of Kademlia-type Systems, book chapter in "Advances in Computer Communications and Networks", 2016.
  • H.​ Salah, Mea­sur­ing, Un­der­stand­ing, and Im­prov­ing Con­tent Dis­tri­bu­tion Tech­nolo­gies, PhD Dis­ser­ta­tion, TU Darm­stadt, Novem­ber 2015, Darm­stadt, Ger­many.
  • H.​ Salah, J.​ Wulfhei­de, and T.​ Strufe: Co­or­di­na­tion Sup­ports Se­cu­ri­ty: A New De­fence Mech­a­nism Against In­ter­est Flood­ing in NDN, in IEEE LCN 2015, Clear­wa­ter - Flori­da, USA. 
  • S.​ Roos, H.​ Salah, and T.​ Strufe: De­ter­min­ing the Hop Count in Kadem­lia-type Sys­tems, in IEEE ICCCN 2015, Las Vegas - Neva­da, USA.
  • H.​ Salah, J.​ Wulfhei­de, and T.​ Strufe: Lightweight Co­or­di­nat­ed De­fence Against In­ter­est Flood­ing At­tacks in NDN (poster paper), in IEEE IN­FO­COM 2015, Hong Kong. 
  • H.​ Salah and T.​ Strufe: CoMon: An Ar­chi­tec­ture for Co­or­di­nat­ed Caching and Cache-Aware Rout­ing in CCN, in IEEE CCNC 2015, Las Vegas - Neva­da, USA.
  • T.​ Paul, S.​ Stephen, H.​ Salah, and T.​ Strufe, The Stu­dents’ Por­tal of Il­me­nau: A Holis­tic OSN’s User Be­haviour Model, in PIC­C­IT 2015, He­bron, Pales­tine.
  • H.​ Salah, S.​ Roos, and T.​ Strufe: Di­ver­si­ty En­tails Im­prove­ment: A New Neigh­bour Se­lec­tion Scheme for Kadem­lia-type Sys­tems, in IEEE P2P 2014, Lon­don, UK.
  • H.​ Salah, S.​ Roos, and T.​ Strufe: Char­ac­ter­iz­ing Graph-The­o­ret­ic Prop­er­ties of a Large-Scale DHT: Mea­sure­ments vs.​ Simula­tions, in IEEE ISCC 2014, Madeira, Por­tu­gal. (Best Stu­dent Paper Award)
  • H.​ Salah, B.​ Schiller, and T.​ Strufe: CoMon: A Sys­tem Ar­chi­tec­ture for Im­prov­ing Caching in CCN (poster paper), in IEEE IN­FO­COM 2014, Toron­to, Cana­da.
  • H.​ Salah, S.​ Roos, T.​ Strufe: A Lightweight Ap­proach for Im­prov­ing the Lookup Per­for­mance in Kadem­lia-type Sys­tems (tech­ni­cal re­port), 2014.
  • H.​ Salah and T.​ Strufe: Cap­tur­ing Con­nec­tiv­i­ty Graphs of a Large-Scale P2P Over­lay Net­work, in IEEE ICDCS's Hot­POST 2013, Philadel­phia, USA.
  • D.​ Carra, P.​ Michiar­di, H.​ Salah, and T.​ Strufe: On the Im­pact of In­cen­tives in eMule - Anal­y­sis and Mea­sure­ments of a Pop­u­lar File-Shar­ing Ap­pli­ca­tion, in IEEE JSAC 2013. (Impact factor: 4.138)
  • S.​ Roos, H.​ Salah, T.​ Strufe: Com­pre­hend­ing Kadem­lia Rout­ing: A The­o­rit­i­cal Frame­work for the Hop Count Dis­tri­bu­tion (tech­ni­cal re­port), 2013.