Ayman Wazwaz ايمن وزوز


محاضر في دائرة الهندسة الكهربائية

ماجستير في شبكات المعلومات

بكالوريوس هندسة حاسوب


Lecturer in the Electrical Engineering Department

Master in Telematics from the Netherlands

Bachelor in Computer System Engineering , PPU



  • Thesis and book: MEDIUM ACCESS IN MULTI HOP WIRELESS INFRASTRUCTURES master thesis , University of Twente , the Netherlands,2005.
  • Paper: Power control in Wireless MAC , Jordan , conference ACIT’2006
  • Paper: The Effect of Soft Handover Threshold on Data Loss and Delay in UMTS Networks, Jordan , International Arab Conference of eTechnology, 2012
  • Paper : Analysis of QoS parameters of VOIP calls over Wireless Local Area Networks, Jordan , conference ACIT’2012
  • Paper: Security System for Data Using Steganography and Cryptography (SSDSC). Third International Conference on Computer Science & Engineering, Dubai 2016.